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“Kerux” is the Greek word meaning “herald”. As the name of our newsletter, it reminds us that
we are to be heralds of God’s nonviolent love. We welcome letters, articles and reviews.

In addition to our quarterly newsletter, Kerux Live! offers immediate access to current news and feature articles.

Rosemarie Pace, director                           Anne Bjornson, editor


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PCMNY’s Special Anniversary Issue!

50th Anniversary: Vatican II
Sr. Doretta Cornell, RDC, a member of the PCMNY Board and the Education Committee, shares valuable insights into the accomplishments of Vatican II and the effects of its new understanding of the Church as the People of God.  (Page 1)

50th Anniversary:  Pacem in Terris
Skillfully weaving excerpts from Pacem in Terris with his own commentary, Dr. Joseph Fahey, Professor of Religious Studies at Manhattan College and a Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace, presents a full picture of the history of the development of this world-wide acclaimed document and its call for peace.   (Page 1)

30th Anniversary: The Challenge of Peace
Bishop Tom Gumbleton, past Bishop-President of Pax Christi USA and former Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Detroit, urges Pax Christi to re-examine the 1983 United States Catholic Bishops letter, The Challenge of Peace, and "to work with the teachers of our Church to develop a public policy to engage all nations in an effort toward a complete abolition of nuclear weapons". (Page 4)

30th Anniversary: Pax Christi Metro New York
As series of individual reflections on the gift that is Pax Christi Metro New York as it celebrates its 30th year of prayer, study, and action. (Page 5)



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