from the desk of Rosemarie Pace, PCMNY Director


April, 2018


Our first big event this month was the Council of Ecclesial Ministries’ Day of Reflection at Maryknoll on the 7th. You can read about it in the Spring issue of Kerux.

Five days later, on April 12th, PCMNY co-hosted a book talk with the Justice and Peace Committee of Sacred Heart Church in Bayside, Queens. Sacred Heart is a PCMNY Parish for Peace. The book is Christianity Matters; the author David Maloof, an avid supporter of PCMNY. The subtitle of Christianity Matters says a lot more about it: How over two Millennia the meek and the merciful revolutionized civilization and WHY IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN AGAIN. Mr. Maloof used the Beatitudes to demonstrate how the story of Christianity has been, despite some failures and mistakes, one of extraordinary accomplishments for the advancement of civilization and the promotion of the human enterprise across time and distance. He is an engaging speaker eager to bring his very uplifting and informative presentation to other parishes and schools. You can find the book online at Amazon Smile and Barnes and Noble.

On April 15th, the Maryknoll Speakers Series featured Dr. Joseph Fahey, PCUSA Ambassador of Peace, co-founder of Peace Studies at Manhattan College, and PCMNY’s keynote speaker at our upcoming Fall Assembly on November 3rd at Manhattan College. Dr. Fahey spoke about Charles J. Liteky’s book Renunciation, a fascinating tale of Liteky’s “pilgrimage to peace” from Medal of Honor Catholic chaplain in Vietnam to peace activist jailed for his convictions. Dr. Fahey knew Liteky personally and, as is his gift, brought Liteky to life with his story-telling style.

With the latest assaults on Syrian civilians, both Pax Christi Metro New York and the Council of Ecclesial Movements of which PCMNY is a member agreed to gather in prayer. On Friday evening, April 20th, we celebrated a Peace Mass at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral. Linked here is an article translated from Italian about the Mass. The author is a member of the Focalare Movement.

The following Tuesday, PCMNY led a prayer service at the Isaiah Wall across from the United Nations. You can read the prayer service here. Feel free to print it and use it alone or in community. Sadly, Syria continues to need our prayers.

In between these two liturgies, the PCMNY Board hosted a Visioning Day at the Redemptorist Guest House in Bay Ridge. Board members, along with staff and members of local groups and committees, reflected on those things for which we are grateful that PCMNY has done over the past year. We also shared hopes for PCMNY going forward. Among those things for which attendees are grateful were that PCMNY affirms our faith and affects our engagement in society; is a way “to continue” the Eucharist, feeding the soul through so many events and the experience of “Community;” and a challenge to go even further. Among our hopes are that every parishioner knows Pax Christi is the official Catholic Peace Movement; that all we do has a positive impact on peacemaking; and that we welcome the perspectives and contributions of youth, people of all or no religious faith, and people of color through greater outreach. Overall, it was a delightful day of community building--functional, social, and prayerful.


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