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UN International Peace Day
In honor of this important day we will be showing the film “In Our Son’s Name” about the transformation that Phyllis and Orlando Rodriguez experienced after their son Greg died in the attacks on 9/11/01. Phyllis and Orlando will be with us to facilitate discussion. The time will be 2 PM, Sunday, September 13th, the place Casserly Hall, St. Joseph’s Greenwich Village Church.

Fall Assembly
Our Fall Assembly will be on Saturday, October 3rd, at Immaculate Conception in the Bronx. We’ll be focusing on the very current theme of “Jihad and Just War Theory” with Fr. Patrick Ryan, SJ as our keynote speaker. Prior to his talk, we’ll have our annual State of the Region report, along with some fascinating background on Pax Christi International, celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.
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Annual Events


Good Friday Way of the Cross
PCMNY is probably best known for its Good Friday Way of the Cross, which was its founding event. Commemorating Jesus' suffering in His own life and in the lives of people throughout the world today, hundreds process together, praying for change in ourselves and a society marred by such sins as poverty, racism, bullying and gun violence, human trafficking and war.  Concluding with a 15th Station, we are reminded that we are a Resurrection people in a Good Friday world. For CBS News coverage of the 2015 Good Friday event, please click here.

Peacemaker Awards Reception
Each year PCMNY honors peacemakers, some known nationally, some known locally, and some known mostly within the Pax Christi community, but all doing noteworthy work to make the world a more peaceful and just place for all of us to live. We honor these exemplary people at a reception that is a true celebration of them and the peace community that supports them.

40-Day Fast for Christian Nonviolence
Pax Christi Metro New York joins others around the country in an annual fast for Christian Nonviolence. This fast is an opportunity to remember, repent, and resolve to transform our culture of violence, whether the violence of the street or the violence of war, drones, and nuclear weapons proliferation. It begins each July 1st and ends on August 9th, the tragic triple anniversaries of the executions of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), Jewish convert to Catholicism and holocaust victim; Blessed Franz Jaegerstaetter, martyr for refusing to serve in Hitler's army; and the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan, the largest Christian community in Japan. PCMNY frames it with prayers made available for you to pray alone or in community. For more information about the fast, contact the PCMNY office: or, when the Fast approaches simply sign up as an individual or group to fast a day, a week, or longer between July 1st and August 9th to end the horror of nuclear weapons proliferation and all forms of violence.

Hiroshima/Nagasaki Memorial
Each year PCMNY offers this commemorative event to mourn and repent for the horrific loss of life caused by the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August, 1945 and to advocate for the abolition of nuclear weapons today. Now, we can add Fukushima to the list of Japanese cities devastated by nuclear tragedy. The Memorial consists of a presentation with discussion and concludes with a silent procession and public vigil. For some historical context about the bombings, see PCMNY member Marian Ronan's article.

Summer Picnic
PCMNY’s annual pot-luck picnic in Central Park, in view of the majestic Metropolitan Museum of Art, has become a refreshing tradition that brings together members and friends in a spirit of invaluable camaraderie. A delicious assortment of foods and great conversation are the order of the day.

UN International Peace Day
The UN International Peace Day has been held on September 21st  for decades now, but so many people still aren't familiar with it; yet, it's such an important day.  Not only is it a day for the United Nations to renew its dedication to the pursuit of peace; it is also a Day of Ceasefire, both personally and politically. PCMNY observes this day with a special event that incorporates prayer and presentation, whether a speaker or film, along with time for discussion.

Fall Assembly
Pax Christi Metro New York's annual Fall Assembly offers an opportunity for reflection on PCMNY’s very identity as a peace community. We pray together, share our stories, and lend each other support. We also feature a reputable speaker to educate and inspire us on a theme taken from a current event or social concern.

Feast of the Holy Innocents
Each year, Pax Christi Metro New York remembers victims of violence, especially children, in honor of the Feast of the Holy Innocents. The focus of the event is a prayer service. It may also include speakers or a video on a relevant topic like human trafficking or incarceration.

Peacemaking Through the Arts
For several years now, PCMNY has been promoting our mission with the help of the performing arts. We host a concert or play with a message of peace and social justice. We do this because we believe we all have both the desire and need for peace and justice, rooted in God. The arts are an effective way to reach into our souls and inspire us to fulfill those desires and needs for ourselves and others in a way different from any other.

Ash Wednesday Leafleting

Our tradition on Ash Wednesday is to offer a Lenten Reflection to the faithful outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Annual Retreat

Each year PCMNY organizes a weekend retreat, usually during Lent, facilitated by a noted spiritual leader to challenge and nurture participants in their commitment to Christian nonviolence.


Featured Recent Event

Peacemaker Awards Reception

 June 7, 2015

by Rosemarie Pace, Director

Working against Human Trafficking, Heading an Elementary School, Offering Financial Assistance, Standing Up to Bullying, Feeding the Hungry, Marching for Life, Providing Disaster Relief, Reaching out to the Aged, Companioning a Child, Serving as a Youth Minister. What do all these have in common? At Pax Christi Metro New York (PCMNY) they are all ways to make peace. Specifically, they are all ways that the 2015 PCMNY Peacemakers and Maloof Family Young Peacebuilders help make peace in their communities and beyond throughout the year.

These may not be what everyone thinks of when they think of peacemaking or peace-building. Sr. Joan Dawber admitted just that when she accepted the Sr. Christine Mulready Peacemaker Award for her work providing safe shelter for trafficked women, fighting the practice of human trafficking, and educating the general public about human trafficking. But she added, “since then, I have had an opportunity to reflect more on peacemaking and to begin to grow in my understanding of how we together in our own particular struggles to bring justice to a world, wounded by violence and stripped of hope[italics in the original], are all about the work of peace….” Yes, peacemaking and peacebuilding encompass all that counter violence and cultivate hope. And they are within everyone’s grasp, as this year’s honorees exemplified not only in what they do, but also as male and female, adults and teens, European and Latin Americans, urbanites and suburbanites.

Besides Sr. Joan, this year PCMNY was proud to honor Maureen Blaine, Principal of St. Leo’s Elementary School in Corona, Queens where she has established the first Pax Christi elementary school imbued with a culture of respect, understanding, patience, and forgiveness; Joe Dirr and Jill Frasier, volunteer financial advisors to PCMNY; Mariah Espada, a junior at Marymount School of New York and advocate against human trafficking, volunteer at the Bowery Mission and St. John’s Soup Kitchen, and youth minister at her church and Misfit NYC; Joseph Grasso, a senior at John S. Burke Catholic High School, who has worked against bullying on the school football team and provided service through the Boy Scouts, the Goshen Ecumenical food pantry, and the March for Life; and Juan Moreno, a senior at Cristo Rey New York High School, whose service includes feeding the poor, bringing relief to Hurricane Sandy victims, working in nursing homes, and taking care of youngsters from impoverished homes.

The adult Peacemakers received an icon that each chose for its personal significance and a written tribute that affirmed their peace work as symbolized by their icon. The Maloof Family Young Peacebuilders each received a Certificate, and Mariah received a monetary award made possible by a generous donation from the Maloof Family.

Of course, one can’t have a celebration without good food, fine music, and great company. The food was catered by our favorite caterer, William Diaz. The music was provided by “Filthy Rotten System,” a delightful band of Catholic Workers and friends. And all our many guests made for great company. And we also had fun giving out wonderful raffle prizes and baskets filled with enticing gifts. Not to be forgotten was a beautiful Litany for Peace that began the afternoon, led by PCMNY Board Member and 2014 Peacemaker Fr. Nelson Belizario and members of his parish St. Simon Stock in the Bronx. The whole festive event took place in Casserly Hall at St. Joseph’s Church in Greenwich Village. It was a joy from start to finish.

2015 Peacemaker Award Honorees


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