Seasonal Reflection: Summer, 2016

Reflecting on Peace



For a few weeks now I’ve been grasping for an idea for this seasonal reflection, and I’ve come up blank. Finally, I decided to embrace the blankness. Maybe that’s exactly the idea I’m supposed to be reflecting on. It may not be the same, but it seems there’s a similarity between this blankness I’m experiencing and the idea of clearing one’s mind to let God in, to listen prayerfully rather than to talk incessantly. I know I’m terrible at that, but here it is: blankness, emptiness, openness. And what better time to feel this way than the liturgical season of Ordinary Time when there are no major holy days on the calendar, no hectic Advent, Christmas, Lenten, or Easter feasts to prepare and celebrate! Also it’s summer-time, when many (most?) people slow down, take time off, and try to refresh and restore themselves. Seems quite compatible with blankness to me. Oh, we know things don’t completely stop during this season, but it does offer spaces to relax and catch our breath. Join me in welcoming this blankness like an empty canvas filled with nothing but endless possibilities, but no demands.



God calls to us, “Turn to me, rest in my care, quiet yourself and trust me, this will be your salvation, this will be your strength.”

I have come to an end
of being in charge,
I have come to an end
of my own efforts.
I have no more words.
I come to you
to rest in quiet before you,
to entrust all the concerns of my heart
to your loving care.
I seek your voice,
your will, your way.
Give me the grace to
quiet myself before you.


from Being Quiet as Prayer by Juanita Ryan, May 6, 2013,


Suggested Actions

  • - Take time to sit and do nothing. Let thoughts come and go, mostly go. Do not hold onto them; do not dwell on them, especially if they are stressful.

    - Take a walk, aimlessly, without worrying about time or direction. Enjoy the sights, sounds, scents, and feel of the air on your skin.

    - Consider “fasting” from computers, phones, TV, cars, whatever technology sometimes feels more like it’s holding you hostage than providing you pleasure.

    - Get away, even if for a day or a weekend, where you can’t work; leave those worries behind because you can’t do anything about them here and now. See the suggestion above, and leave those electronic devices behind, too.

    - Embrace the blankness!

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