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  2. Marica : February 07, 2015, 21:42

    Those women live and breathe Adele everyday of their lives. Of course they are going to click once she opens her mouth to sing. Great segment. Would have loved to have seen more bitchiness behind the scenes.

  3. cheapest uk viagra : February 07, 2015, 21:42

    wtf is this? seriously guys? this is the hype? it's a fucking creepy-looking 10 yr old singing a load of rubbish. only damn petos.

  4. Saer : February 07, 2015, 21:42

    to jest dziwne 

  5. Lola : February 07, 2015, 21:42

    cheapest viagra And I know I caused you a lot of blues

  6. Maggy : February 07, 2015, 21:42

    love olly so much xx