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  2. Maggy : May 05, 2015, 22:30

    i love you <3

  3. best place to buy viagra : May 05, 2015, 22:30

    +i like pigs No, most people are straight, being homosexual or Bi is a minority.

  4. Kolapor : May 05, 2015, 22:30

    hmm she copied a bit rihanna with that dress :3 ,, anyway she her own and unique style in singing ,, much love by me <3

  5. Giggs : May 05, 2015, 22:30

    buy discount viagra +Rodri Mashna roflmao

  6. Jonn : May 05, 2015, 22:30

    i don't want to compare her to lana, but every time she sings i hear lana? anyway, if i do here lana i here a small bit of it, very slim, other than that its just MØ.