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  2. Goga : March 12, 2015, 18:26

    there was like no chandelier swinging....

  3. viagra for sale : March 12, 2015, 18:26

    something's a bit off. Why is it when one of the girls were singing, the other girls (including adele) were watching and standing somewhere else, but when it was Adele's turn, they were all nicely seated? Is this staged? Hmm fishy~

  4. Soriana : March 12, 2015, 18:26

    So happy with Years & Years getting so much love lately. real was one of my favs. This song just got featured on mtv faking it season 2 episode 11.

  5. Owen : March 12, 2015, 18:26

    buy cheap viagra Amazing gift   So glad you are  sharing  Thank You Miss Janet

  6. Lavessi : March 12, 2015, 18:26

    +Mick Jagged Same here pal, can't stop watching that reaction of the girl that notices first!